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Terrestrial ribbon worm (Nemertini) from W-Java | by gbohne
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Terrestrial ribbon worm (Nemertini) from W-Java

Genus: ? (Geonemertes, Argonemertes or Leptonemertes sp.?)

Families: ???

Suborder: Monostilifera

Order: Hoplonemertea

Class: Enopla

Phylum: Nemertini (Ribbon worms, Schnurwürmer)


Most Nermertini live in the ocean. This is the first terrestrial species I saw.This year it almost rained every day (no dry season) and in 20 month it is the 1st time I saw one (coincidence?):

L ca. 15mm (here only 10mm visible), creeping with constant pace (rather fast for my MP65), the black epidermis produces an alkaline, protein containing secrete (very shiny), the red clay stuck to it. The ribbon worm searched every crack/hole in the soil for prey and it even attacked a spider (7mm) which could escape.

Their distribution tends to be restricted to a particular island. These species live in damp places under stones and in rotting wood.


some info:


aEnopla is a class of worms characterized by the presence of a peculiar armature of spines or plates in their proboscis.


Indonesia, W-Java, Tangerang: vic. BSD (garden), 50m asl., 18.10.2010



MP65mm, 3X (magnification), 1/100s, f/11, ISO100, EV0, ring-flash, hand-held


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Taken on October 18, 2010