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BI774 Type 1 Ho-Ni 75mm Artillery

Visit to the Aberdeen Proving Grounds Ordnance Museum, 23 Oct 2004.



Thanks to Whipper_snapper for identifying this piece. There's not a lot out there on it, he managed to track it down through the illustration on the box of a Tamiya 1:35 model (link below)!


From Wikipedia:


"After the start of the Pacific War, units of the Imperial Japanese Army began to encounter advanced Allied medium tanks, such as the M4 Sherman. The Japanese Type 97 Chi-Ha main battle tank lacked sufficient armor or armament to deal with this threat, and work was begun on a tank destroyer version.


The Type 1 Ho-Ni I was developed by utilizing the existing Type 97 chassis and engine, and replacing the gun turret with a 75 mm Type 90 Field Gun mounted in an open casemate with frontal and side armour only, which made it very vulnerable in close combat. The Type 1 Ho-Ni I was designed to operate as self-propelled artillery in the armored divisions. The design had no provision for machine guns, and although looking very similar to early German Panzerjäger tank destroyers, the Type 1 Ho-Ni I was designed to operate at ranges of up to 12,000 meters.


The mounting for the 75mm Type 90 field gun allowed for ten degrees of traverse and elevation from -5 to +25 degrees. The Type 1 Ho-Ni I carried 54 rounds of ammunition.


Production in small quantities was made between 1941 and November 1943, until superseded by the Type 2 Ho-Ni II with its Type 91 105mm howitzer. The total number produced was only 124 units."

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Taken on October 23, 2004