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Stangholmen Fyr, lighthouse built 1855

This lighthouse was built on a in 1855 (not 1859 as I was told n the island). Before that there was a high pole with an arm pointing to the harbour perched on the rocks here. It was placed by the strait leading to the town protected from the heavy waves by number of small islands. The light was manually operated and guarded by eight consecutive families for 100 years until 1959, when the automatic system took over. Here, they had a small farm and a few animals grazing nearby. Today this building houses a respected seafood restaurant, a bar and mementos. Visitors are brought to the shore by a small half open boat every half an hour in the season. There is a tiny marina, a small stage for concerts and irregular boardwalks here and there.

I have been visiting the town of Risør over a period of at least 25 years seeig the gracefull lighthouse on the horizon from mainland. Last Saturday, July 21st 2012 was the first time I set foot on this island.

During this 1 hour exposure a family of four set up their deck chairs and enjoyed half an hour reading in the sun on this rather windy day while I sat on the rock watching the sky and shielding the trembling camera from the stongest casts of wind.


Direct positive on paper (process published by H.T. Winther in 1845), Bichro-silver. Images produced with this process share the same general features as daguerreotypes: they are individually unique and reversed. There is only this one image and no negative exists.


Arches Platine 310 gsm (preferred over any other paper I tried)

sensitized with Ammonium Dichromate diluted 1:1, dried with warm hair blower

whole plate size, 210 mm Tessar lens at f/4.5

exposure full sun 1 hrs 3:30-4:30 pm f/4.5, July 21st, 2012

washed 10 min to clear unexposed dichromate

air dried

coated with KCl 3,4% with glass rod

surface dried

coated with AgNO3 14% with glass rod

air dried and warm blower

exposed to bright white sky in the afternoon about 30 min

Cured for 20 hrs

Hypo in pentahydrate form 10% (with sodium carbonate) 2 x 8 min fresh solutions


HCA 2% 5 min



No Nitric Acid was necessary to clear dichromated highlights.

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Taken on July 23, 2012