Our (former) President, George W. Bush, Eats (ate... oh, heck, he probably still does) Kittens

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    It's true. Photos don't lie.

    (Update: I have to admit, I stole this photo. It was on some site. I brazenly took it, and put it here on a whim. And now it's the most popular photo of my flickrs. I wish I could give credit to the originator. (Update update: It was made by jaarons, so send all rightwing hate mail to him.)

    But, as far as the accusations that this is Photoshopped, those are false. This is a photo of Bush literally eating a baby kitten. I wish I had gotten the next photo from the site, that showed Bush grinning with blood dripping down his chin.)

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    1. rcvernors 87 months ago | reply

      I should have known he was a kitten eater.

      pinkpaisley says: A bit harsh? Surely you jest. Dubya has managed to get 100 of thousands of people killed since he TOOK office. Nothing could be done to Dubya that would be too harsh.

    2. Ash Starkey 87 months ago | reply

      Fuck harsh - I'd like to see the kitten eating him - for good!

    3. Little Baby Zorak 87 months ago | reply

      I think it was adels' comment that was deemed harsh. In this country assassination is frowned upon. You can vote against him, call for impeachment and imprisonment, work for the opposing party, make a pinata of him, but you can't go to the ultimate extreme.

    4. denimclog [deleted] 86 months ago | reply

      ...democraсy for kittens????

    5. Stikyfingers 84 months ago | reply

      HAHA i love this!!!

    6. sahryabeth 77 months ago | reply

      for those of you that say bush is a killer...get real! we went to war because of enemy attacking US. would you want them to be here instead on American soil? does anyone remember 9/11? they attacked us and we were just standin our ground. :)

    7. Little Baby Zorak 77 months ago | reply

      sahryabeth: Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.

    8. *SHERWOOD* 77 months ago | reply

      An enlargement of that photo that I found on the net shows that it is a fake. Although it portrays Bush as the real bloodthirsty man he is, it is not funny, and you should be ashamed for encouraging cruelty to animals.
      Be a man, forget your stollen popularity and remove this disgusting photo/cartoon from Flickr.

    9. Ruin T 77 months ago | reply

      mwanasimba: Isn't your photo of a giant BBQ encouraging cruelty to animals?

    10. Little Baby Zorak 77 months ago | reply

      mwanasimba: It's hilarious.

      And it is equally hilarious that you think it might encourage people to eat live kittens.

      Yes. I did steal this. But it is definitely not a fake. Our soon-to-be former president, George W. Bush, eats live kittens, puppies, ducklings, baby bears, etc.

      I got a picture of what Cheney does. I will not post it. It will haunt me to my grave.

    11. Az&Suha 75 months ago | reply

      Aha ,that's how he demonstrates Israelis to kill muslims.

    12. obambathemessiah [deleted] 72 months ago | reply

      just try to remember all of the rights you cherish and love the will be gone soon from the messiah obamba

    13. Little Baby Zorak 72 months ago | reply

      obambathemessiah, you're nutty! Keep that feisty spirit!

    14. speakbravely 68 months ago | reply

      Why did you remove the picture of our current HORRENDOUS President as The Joker on the cover of Time magazine and you leave this picture of Bush biting a kitten...Partisan BIGOTS...Screw you guys...

    15. Little Baby Zorak 68 months ago | reply

      Who removed what? Speakbravely, you're speaking hysterically.

      I keep Bush here as a reminder that we all had a lot of fun with a president who helped get us in the state we're in.

      But Obama hasn't fixed it all in seven months, so I guess he's just like the Joker/Hitler/Stalin.

    16. Katz_42! 68 months ago | reply

      Speakdumbfuckly, you do not even have any photos for us to admire, this is a photography site not a blog forum, why do you not go kiss Limbaughs ass on some other site that admires right-wing nut jobs such as yourself.......PHOTOGRAPHY, PHOTOGRAPY dipshit!

    17. Little Baby Zorak 68 months ago | reply

      So... tracking down the mystery of why this got over 1,000 hits in one day, and got speakbravely to speak so bravely, I find that it was linked from this Slashdot thread.

      And then used in this MSNBC story.

      And this is why speakbravely was writing to me as if I were in charge of flckr.

    18. jaarons 67 months ago | reply

      I made this image back in 2004. During his campaign, Bush stopped in Iowa and ate a raw ear of corn. While that was plenty ridiculous in itself, I figured it didn't capture the essence of who the man truly is.

      Thanks for reposting my work. I had no idea how popular it would become.

    19. Little Baby Zorak 67 months ago | reply

      This is yours? I remember finding it on a web site somewhere, grabbed it, then after year or so just plopped it on here. I couldn't remember where I'd found it.

    20. jaarons 67 months ago | reply

      Yep, I have participated in a few Fark photoshop threads and used to post on b3ta on occasion. This one was originally posted to b3ta in 2004.

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