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Bowl With Your Friends

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Snapped this shot through the window of the library where I work. They were having some kind of Spring festival or suchlike, and apparently human bowling was one of the games.

Looked like fun.

  1. Crfullmoon ages ago | reply

    Glad you looked out the window!

  2. mRio ages ago | reply

    hey, i'd like to be in that ball!

  3. bunchofpants ages ago | reply

    That looks like fun!

  4. b6b4d81105 ages ago | reply

    I only hope the person in the ball volunteered.

  5. alida saxon ages ago | reply

    LOL, I was thinking the same thing, Tom. The fellow might want to have some anti-nausea medication first...

  6. The Rocketeer ages ago | reply

    Awesome! Thanks for posting that. That's hilarious!

  7. Afroswede ages ago | reply

    Ooh, involuntary human bowling would rock. Pick a victim, have three big guys grab 'im and stuff 'im into a ball.

    "Hey...hey, what're you guys doing? Oh nooooooooo..."

  8. jadewolf9977 [deleted] ages ago | reply


  9. Crfullmoon ages ago | reply

    Now send postcards to all their parents:
    Your education dollars at work!

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