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A Twisted Family Tradition ~ The Lime Jello Brain | by hurleygurley
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A Twisted Family Tradition ~ The Lime Jello Brain

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Originally brief now long note: I was adopted and searched for my biological family 20 years ago and I'm equally tight with both fams, although I only have my adoptive sister left of my adoptive family. My bio family is referred to as "The Fam", kind of like a cult but much more amusing and a *little* offbeat , in the best way! We, my biological mother, sister and brother (full siblings) are all brainy science types (cept me) and get obssessed with various odd things usually a mix of something scientific and goofy. Brains were an obsession for awhile (continue to be for me) and this lovely dessert caught on then and has been THE holiday dessert for a decade now. Recipe for flavor and wiggly jiggliness perfected although disasters have happened occasionally.


Other sorts of "family" fun have included making a parasite diarama as a b-day gift for my sister when she was in vet school or celebrating a little known Japanese holiday (little known by Japanese too! ~ "oni wa soto, fuku wa uchi" on Feb. 2, when one throws 108 adzuki beans out the door and yells the above each time. "Demons out , Angels in!" For mother's day her darling daughers mailed her a "Malaise Basket" filled with carefully bagged and labeled wierd stuff from our, uh, cluttered cars, backpacks and purse, like unraveled tapes, ibuprofen slipped from its bottle, old candy, dead batteries, etc.... I could go on but the list is long! We're easily amused.


More importantly, back to the brain: BREAKING NEWS - Electric Eye just sent me a link to a place that sells whole brains, yeah,



Brain Gelatin Recipe


Two 6-ounce boxes of gelatin mix, LIME is strongly recommended and goes with the rest of the recipe. (you really don't want to eat a beige brain, promise)

1-3/4 cups boiling water

3/4 cup cold water

1 package of 8 oz package of firm cream cheese

I reg. can of 7 - up or a good fizzy lemon-lime soda

A hefty portion of chopped walnuts (like a cup or so, not too finely chopped)




1. Before each use, wash the mold with warm soapy water and a soft cloth or sponge.

2. Spray or smear the inside of the mold with a small amount of vegetable oil, then wipe out the excess but make sure the little creases are oiled. VERY IMPORTANT STEP. Spray is better, don't use olive oil!

3. Put the gelatin mix in a large bowl and add the boiling water. Stir about two minutes until the mix is dissolved.

4. Stir in the cold water.

5. Beat in the cream cheese. Adjust color to your liking if necessary w/ food coloring 6. Stir in nuts and seven-up.

6. Pour the mixture in the brain mold, stopping about 1/4 inch from the top.

7. Place the brain mold in a shallow bowl so it will sit level VERY IMPORTANT, and refrigerate until bouncy (about 3 or 4 hours). Warn everyone with a huge note on the fridge that there's a brain developing in the fridge so BE CAREFUL!

8. To remove the brain, Place the mold in a bowl of warm water for a minute or so. This is a delicate procedure. Then tap around the mold and shake it gently until the gelatin loosens. Place a flat plate upside down over the open side of the mold, then flip the mold and the plate together. Lift the mold off, leaving the brain on the plate.


This might take a couple of tries to get down but you'll get it. Our version is extremely tasty! The nuts and cheese kinda settle on the bottom giving it a little gourmet flair!


OMG, forgot something potentially important. You may add eyeballs, even battery operated glowing ones for decoration. I'll dig up one of those pics.


Good luck. Take pictures. We'll have a pool, of course. I'm printing out an 8x10 for my mom right now.


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Taken on December 24, 2004