de Young Museum, an Interpretation
Of all the museums in the San Francisco Bay Area, the de Young is by far the finest. They have a wonderful open photography policy that allows photographers access to their permanent collection, and the building itself is a stunning testament to modern architecture.

I consider the de Young my premium studio. The place that I go to get the settings and backdrops to create some of my best photographs.

The de Young has a wonderful Friday night program -- a very child friendly evening where visiting performance art is presented along with a bar serving and beer for mom and dad.

While the children create their own art as part of the organized program, parents can explore and feed their minds and lenses with the beauty that adorns the walls and space of this fine institution.

I'm especially fond of the gallery for visiting shows in the basement of the de Young. I call it my fantasyland and it is perhaps the space that I go most often to to breath, to reflect, to think and to envision what is possible and what can be done with my own personal art. This set is managed by SuprSetr
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