Mission Fusion: PANDORA (2/8/20)
Another unbelievable yet thoroughly convincing giant offering of 30 or so dynamic scenes and sounds relevant to Jefferson High School, Daly City, and the besieged world beyond.

An apology to performers not shown. I admit it's a matter of luck even though starting out with a thousand photos. I try to include everyone. Please send me other fotos to include, especially of you if you're not yet included.

A sign near the stage of The Little Theater says, "Good vibes attract more good vibes. Spread the love with a positive message." And so, this 21st dance show celebrates Mission Fusion's Mission of the past 20 years, to address a panoply of problems from Pandora's proverbial box confronting Daly City and the world, with a pro-Fusion of solutions drenched in beauty, honesty, energy, talent and love.

After soaking up this album, wait a little while, then get a big refill in the next album, Pandora's Afterglow.

Thank you, Mission Fusion!
Ko Blix

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