ramé-hart Model 260 Standard Contact Angle Goniometer / Tensiometer
The ramé-hart Model 260 Standard Goniometer/Tensiometer is identical to Model 250 except for one feature: Model 260 includes the Advanced 3-axis Stage with fine and coarse vertical adjustment and modular leveling stage while Model 250 has the standard 3-axis leveling stage. With the Advanced 3-axis Stage, Model 260 supports the optional Environmental Chamber (p/n 100-07) and Temperature Controller (p/n 100-50) allowing for experiments at elevated temperatures.

This system includes includes DROPimage Advanced as well as our fiber optic illuminator, Advanced 3-axis Stage with modular Leveling Stage, and U1 Series SuperSpeed digital camera which operates at 100 fps. Each system ships as a complete turn-key system with PC and LCD and microsyringe fixture for manual dispensing. Model 260 will also support the optional Automated Dispensing System and Oscillator.

The DROPimage Advanced software includes a suite of surface energy tools including: the Acid-Base Tool, the Surface Energy Tool, the Work of Adhesion Tool, Zisman's Plot Tool, the Solid-Liquid-Liquid Surface Energy Tool, and the One-Liquid SE Tool. The software also has a methods-based experiment design tool which can be used for contact angle, surface and interfacial tension. An unlimited number of parameters can define and drive the exact type of experiment you wish. Parameters allow for fully automated software-driven control of the optional Automated Dispensing System, Oscillator, and Automated Tilting Base options.

The Environmental Fixture can be added for performing liquid/liquid studies as well as captive bubble, inverted pendant and inverted sessile drop studies.
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