ramé-hart Model 400 Goniometer with Wafer Support
The Model 400 Goniometer with Wafer Support has been designed uniquely for the semiconductor industry. This model shares components including the standard 3-axis stage with the Standard Goniometer, as well as the long bench of the Advanced Goniometer. This system includes an 8" (200mm) diameter rotating wafer support which can be upgraded to 10" or 12" or 13.625" or even fitted with a 6" or 4" support. 6" and 8" diameter vacuum chucks are also available as an option. Additionally, custom support options can be built to customer requirements.

Model 400 includes DROPimage Standard software and ships complete with PC and LCD. Popular options include the Automated Dispensing System and Manual Tilting Base. An affordable solution built on the time-proven ramé-hart design makes the Model 400 Goniometer popular with industry, especially chip fabricators or any lab that is working with wafers or similarly sized substrates.

The DROPimage Standard software measures contact angle and includes a suite of surface energy tools including: the Acid-Base Tool, the Surface Energy Tool, the Work of Adhesion Tool, Zisman's Plot Tool, the Solid-Liquid-Liquid Surface Energy Tool, and the One-Liquid SE Tool. The software can be upgraded to DROPimage Advanced without any additional hardware required. The Manual Tilting Base option can also be added for measuring advancing and receding angles, determining roll-off angle, and calculating contact angle hysteresis. The Automated Tilting Base option requires a software upgrade to DROPimage Advanced. The Automated Dispensing System is fully supported with or without the software upgrade.
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