Rotating Wafer Support 100-21
The rotating wafer support maintains flatness and position of 4", 6", 8", 10", 12", and 13.625" diameter wafers in order to achieve contamination-free contact angle readings while preserving flatness. Each wafer support is hand lapped to a high-tolerance. The support incorporates a rotating stage plate which is graduated in 1° increments with displacement holes for creating the appropriate suction. The wafer support mounts directly to the leveling stage of the Contact Angle Goniometer. Model 400 supports and includes an 8" wafer support (and other sizes can be added). Models 190, 200, 250, and 290 support the 4" wafer support only. Larger supports may require an upgrade kit which will extend the focal length of the camera and extend the microsyringe fixture. We offer kits which include all of the necessary parts.
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