Oscillator 100-28
The ramé-hart Oscillator (p/n 100-28) provides precisely controlled periodic oscillatory deformation of sessile and pendant bubbles and drops in order to allow for the measurement of surface dilatational elasticity and viscosity using the axisymmetric drop and bubble shape method. Designed to sit inline between the Automated Dispensing System and the final dispensing tip or needle, the Oscillator is motor-driven and fully software controlled using ramé-hart DROPimage v2.4 or higher software. The Oscillator requires an Automated Dispensing System and current-generation Model 250, 290, 500, or 590 or a legacy system that has been sufficiently upgraded. DROPimage Advanced includes a methods editor which incorporates an array of parameters for controlling the frequency, acceleration, timing and steps of the oscillation commands. This product includes (1) one year parts and labor warranty.
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