Custom Coaxial, Triaxial, and Quadaxial Needles
ramé-hart fabricates a variety of custom coaxial and triaxial and quadaxial needles (aka, spinnerets) for a wide spectrum of special applications. Some of customers use ramé-hart coaxial needles for specialized surface science measurements (such as measuring surface dilatational elasticity and viscosity, surface tension on drops and bubbles, and mixing liquids at the point of measurement). Coaxial and triaxial needles are also used in the production of nanofibers made by electrospinning and electrospraying applications. The needles have excellent electrical conductivity. Note that the coaxial needle is often referred to as a coaxial cone or spinneret when used in electrospinning and electrospraying applications due to the cone observed at the tip where fiber is drawn out. For more information see:
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