Peltier Environmental Chamber 100-30
The Peltier Environmental Chamber leverages the power and flexibility of the Peltier effect. Using a multistage thermoelectric module, the chamber is able to be precisely regulated from –50° C to 150° C. A temperature controller is included for regulating the DC current through the module in order to achieve and hold any chilled or elevated temperature within the range to within 0.1° C. The Peltier module is rated for 100,000 hours offering a long and reliable life. Nitrogen gas is used for chilled temperatures to prevent frozen condensation. A tank and regulator kit is available if your lab does not already have nitrogen service. Ice water is circulated through the base of the chamber during chilling cycles to draw away the heat produced by the multistage module. Add a Quartz Cell for liquid/liquid studies. The Peltier Environmental Chamber is supported on every ramé-hart instrument. However, note that the temperature logging features requires DROPimage v2.7 or higher.
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