Our Heritage: The Revitalization Movement of Old Pasadena
In recent years the City of Pasadena has gone through an exciting revitalization process. Pasadena has been known to house a rich collection of historical properties; especially in its most famous district known as Old Pasadena. In efforts to showcase and preserve these historical properties, the Design and Historic Preservation Office of Pasadena’s Planning & Community Development Department has taken its collection of photographs and displayed them for everyone to view. The photos seen in this collection were taken as part of the City’s early historic preservation survey efforts and show how historic preservation incentives have played an important role in revitalizing the area.

This exhibit displays a portion of images from the collection that have been gathered over the years from sites like Old Pasadena; which is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Old Pasadena has gone through many transformations throughout the years. These photographs demonstrate what it was like to live and conduct business in Old Pasadena in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. As you will see within these images, many of the buildings have been restored or rehabilitated since these photos were taken. Our goals with this collection is to help the public see the City of Pasadena’s efforts to bring the revitalization movement forward, as well as to serve as a reminder of the City’s tangible history.

Our Heritage is a curated digital exhibition featuring photographs and objects from the partners of Pasadena Digital History Collaboration. The PDHC database currently contains over 50,000 records related to Pasadena’s history. To view and search our entire collection, please visit us at www.pasadenadigitalhistory.com.
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