Hofstra's "First of the Firsts" Digital Project
The goal of this project is to show how Hofstra is unique and different from other institutions. Using photographs from many different collections within the University Archives, this project hopes to describe what “Hofstra” is. In addition, another focus of the project was to show how Hofstra University has evolved in 75 years. In the end, we want:

Prospective Students: To see what Hofstra has to offer and how they can contribute to Hofstra’s history

Current Students: To view and study those who were “first” in the past. Thus, they can continue to make the University relevant by carrying on the school’s traditions and still become “First of the firsts.”

Alumni: To see what they have accomplished in 75 years and to spot who is notable among them.

Friends of Hofstra and historians: To study the social, educational, and historical aspects of the university and the impact of Hofstra University as a higher learning institution.

--curated by Wallens Augustin
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