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457th - Mission 1.3: Liberating Bakura [Explored]

*Transmission* 707th: There is a main bridge which connects the Capitol building to the rest of the city. Droid forces are marching through this link of bridges and are invading the buildings, killing any living organism. These bridges are held up by giant pillars. Take at least one of them out with Thermal Detonation packs, and the explosion will rock the link and cause all the pillars to fall like dominoes. */Transmission*


Includes 4 BrickArms Monopods holding the rails of the bridge, 4 M67's as explosives, 1 PSR, and 1 Combat Knife on the Clone Trooper.


Over-lighting FTL. :>

Pillar is pretty 'meh to me because of that big-@$$ piece that came with the TIE Fighter, I didn't have enough of those gray 4x4 circles. :C

Ground could have had more layering, but I was using ma tan for another MOC. :>

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Taken on December 25, 2010