Star - Washington DC

I am continuously encouraged, when working on this new project of street portraits, by the number of subjects I meet on the street who are allow me to take a moment out of their time to capture their portrait. But every now and then, a subject declines the request. It happens. As was the original case with Star, whom I met as she waited for her bus in DC's bustling area of Chinatown. She explained to me that her bus was arriving, and that she wouldn't be able to wait. So, I gave her a card and bid her farewell. To my fortune, I heard her call out that her bus was late and that she would be happy to have her picture taken with me. Star was such a delight to capture, her beautiful eyes, her curly blond hair and her ever bubble personality were just a few traits to mention. Well, Star, I'm forever grateful for your late bus on that summer day. I hope you are doing well, my friend.


Mobile Street Photography

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