Haiou-64 58 f2
I have second hand manual lens Haiou-64 58 f2, i have this lens from my service lens...before he said "this is lens from Russian...look at this mount pentax or something like that lah...bla..bla..bla..."..oh ok i buy this lens Rp.300.000 or $32 but i don't have mount adapter from pentax to body nikon so i try chage this mounting to nikon and and I got a charge Rp.200.00 or $21 oh...it's very expensive but never mind because I very curious about the result so i try this lens..wow amazing..not bad for old lens and unknown where it comes from..so i try searching..wow..unexpected this lens from china.. :) so i sand email to my service.."uncle...this lens from china not from Russian.." service just "WHAHAHAHA...sorry...sorry... " in my heart said "hemm ateng so u now"...but i like this lens the result is quite good except his body was strong enough....btw..sorry my English bad..
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