• Totally unrelated, but you can see my newly cut hair--eek, it's short!
  • I forgot to remark on the oddness of modeling my scarf while wearing a summery shirt =D Well, I do live in New Mexico and it's still hot!
  • and it's a very cute shirt, too, might I add! - aspenglow

Irish Hiking Scarf

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This is my first cable project! I did get bored with the pattern quite quickly though, so a word to the wise is to have at least another project going while working on this scarf.

The wool I used was quite rough to the touch and actually kind of crunchy, so I gave the finished scarf a bath in some Eucalan, and it is softer now.

Pattern: Irish Hiking Scarf from Hello Yarn

Yarn: 2 hanks of Bartlett Glen Tweeds Wool in Lovat

Needles: Size 8 and a cable needle

Length: 63 inches

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  1. Sophie_vf 115 months ago | reply

    I really like the colour! Do you think the yarn would be comfortable as a sweater, after washing?

  2. sassenach 115 months ago | reply

    Thanks =) I'd use the wool for a vest or cardigan because it feels sturdy and will probably last a long time and wear well. I definitely wouldn't use it for a next-to-the-skin sweater because that much wool would be too scratchy, I think. (My skin isn't too sensitive, so I don't mind the part touching my neck.)

  3. poxyfairyplume 115 months ago | reply

    that scarf is awesome. it's weird, it looks like it would be so soft from the picture..

  4. aspenglow 115 months ago | reply

    I think it looks really great - I love that color! Even if it is a little stiff, the yarn holds those cables really, really well.

    And when I saw this photo my first thought was "Did she cut her hair?" hehe - I am *thisclose* to cutting mine. Like, seriously chopping it off. I need something different, you know?

  5. Baigneuse 115 months ago | reply

    Beautiful work, especially for a first time cable project.

  6. mikomiao 115 months ago | reply

    those cables really turned out lovely! and the color is so soft and pretty. love it!

  7. sassenach 115 months ago | reply

    poxyfairyplume--I know, appearances are deceiving, in this case!

    aspenglow--I agree, I think wool is ideal for cabling...which is why I don't quite dislike this scarf =) It looks so pretty! That makes up for the rough factor, I think.

    sigh, yes, I did the big chop--in about a week, I'll probably love it but at the moment, I'm going through the initial shock of being suddenly hairless! (Well, not quite.)

    Baigneuse & mikomiao--thank you =)

  8. harvestmoon 115 months ago | reply

    Your scarf turned out great! What a shame though, that it's not as cuddly cosy as it looks.
    I know how you feel about your hair. I had mine drastically cut about two months ago and still haven't got used to seeing this weird strange woman looking at me in the mirror, blaah!

  9. Brian Sawyer 115 months ago | reply

    Beautiful! And great shot too. Looks straight out of a knitting magazine.

  10. sassenach 115 months ago | reply

    harvestmoon, thanks! I know, lesson learned--next time I will use super-soft yarn for a scarf. I emphathize with your hair woes!

    Brian, thank you!

  11. PutYourFlareOn 115 months ago | reply

    Great job! You're cables are very nice! I always have a few projects going on and now a knit stop to tie me over during those tedious projects. My wrist warmers are my knit stop right now. :)

  12. c h l o e 115 months ago | reply

    so that scarf is gorgeous!

  13. Kelly Sue 103 months ago | reply

    Please consider adding this to the pool at www.flickr.com/groups/helloyarn/

  14. sifis 97 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called KNITTING ART, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.Thanks

  15. sassenach 93 months ago | reply

    Thank you =)

  16. ∫iℓ√iఎ 90 months ago | reply

    wonderful scarf and yarn color!

  17. ciccibumm 77 months ago | reply

    i'm knitting the same!

  18. dogfaceboy 75 months ago | reply

    This is gorgeous!

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