Skype Connects Dutch and Canadian Students on 65th Anniversary of Bad Penny's Flight
On April 29th, 2010, a special event was held to mark the 65th Anniversary of Bad Penny's first flight into western Holland to test the Aliies' daring food drop strategy, "Operation Manna". Students from a Canadian school (Central Public School in Windsor, Ontario where Bad Penny's pilot Bob Upcott hailed from) and a Dutch school (Montessori School Tuinstad near Rotterdam, NL which helps tend a monument dedicated to Operation Manna) got to meet thanks to the wonders of Skype technology. Not only was this a wonderful opportunity to help spread the story of Pilot Bob and Bad Penny, it also emphasized the reality that without that first flight, who knows what life would have been like for the Dutch after WWII ended? Some of those Dutch children might not be alive today without Bad Penny and the courage of Pilot Bob and his crew.
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