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What Goes Around Comes Around (HSS) | by buffdawgus
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What Goes Around Comes Around (HSS)

When it comes to junk yards and dumps, the old cliche "what goes around comes around" applies perfectly. The junk goes in and some of it goes out again in the hands of people looking for an old part that can only be found on an old wreck. Some of it is carted away by the antique dealers who seem to always recognize a deal when they see one. I don't know about you, but some of the junk I see in antique stores is...well it's junk. I'm constantly reminded that "one man's junk is another man's treasure." I'm beginning to think that I have very few treasures. And unluckily for you, this reminds me of a story regarding the eternal cycle of trash.


I had a friend who used to be a garbage man. Everyday after work he and a few of his fellow garbage man buddies would gather at his house for a couple of beers. One of the guys had a real thing for the girlie magazines and he was constantly finding them in the trash cans. He'd always bring along his catch of the day and the guys would ogle them over the beers. Inevitably, after a few snorts he would wander home and forget to take the magazines with him. Well my friend was married with a son and his wife didn't take too well with having the living room littered with girlie magazines, especially when they'd spent time in a garbage can that's ripe with all manner of smelly stuff. I think the beer drinking stinky garbage men sleezing up her living room may have bothered her a tad as well. Anyhoo, she was continually grabbing up the magazines and throwing them in the trash. Bad move. In a week or two they'd be back again with a few other choice morsels. Apparently there was quite a distribution network amongst the various garbage men and eventually they'd make their way back into that hands of the original smelly garbage man and the cycle would begin anew albeit a little riper and a lot smellier. She told me that she'd thrown the same magazines away at least ten times before she finally wised up and resorted to burning them in the fireplace. I'm sure there's some law against burning hazardous waste in your fireplace but she didn't seem to care a lick. It just goes to show that what goes round truly comes round, unless there's fire.


Nice old car huh? Happy Slider's Sunday everyone.


Nevada County, CA

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Taken on April 17, 2013