Series 3B Cheat Sheet

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    Dot / Dimple / Bump Patterns for Series 3 New Batches

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    1. fullnovembermoon 51 months ago | reply

      I've seen the cheat sheets and this may be a silly question but which side do you read them from the front or the back?

    2. Stephen Scott 51 months ago | reply

      They appear to be on the back. very, very hard to see the dots in some cases, and I've ended up with a few dupes.

    3. The Ugly Duckling at BrickLink 51 months ago | reply

      Thanks for this Yellowcastle! We of the Minifig Nation salute you...

      Re-Blogged: The Ugly Duckling

    4. k1ngdom100 51 months ago | reply

      What's the difference between the white and gray dots?

    5. Capt. Thomas Foolery 51 months ago | reply

      Just used this cheat sheet at the LEGO store with their new shipment and ended up with two hula dancers instead of the elves that the pattern claimed would be in there.

      Either this cheat sheet doesn't work, or they are changing it up continually. My guess is the latter.

    6. yellowcastledujour 51 months ago | reply

      The Lego Stores all likely have mixed stock of S3 minifigures and the 3A Hula pattern is indeed very close to the 3B Elf pattern and 3B Rapper pattern. I think it's too early to give up on the dimple patterns... at least not yet...

    7. MarjoriMiller 51 months ago | reply

      Just got back from the Lego store (Arrowhead, AZ) and hardly any of these dots matched the packets. There were packages marked that weren't anywhere to be found on the list. The guy at the counter felt the packages for me & found the 4 I was looking least that's what he said...we'll see tonight when my son opens them. lol

    8. ARickels 51 months ago | reply

      Just picked up a pack, and it was an Elf although the dimple pattern indicates it should be an Alien. It has the batch number 544B0 on the back - so I suspect they are changing the patterns on each batch they produce.

    9. yellowcastledujour 51 months ago | reply

      Unfortunately, I believe it's still too early to tell on these cheat sheets for S3. Since generating the Series 3B Cheat Sheet, I've had two more occasions to spot check figures both at the Lego Store and Target and everything has matched up as expected to either the 3A or the 3B sheet. There is just so much subjectivity in reading the patterns that a legitimate pattern change could easily be confused with a simple misreading of the pattern. Additionally, some bag patterns are lower than expected but still in sync due to manufacturing shortcomings.

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