Social Graph Platform Wars

my rather insane visualization of the Social Graph Platform Wars


i created a more recent version here in March 2008 for GSP West

  • davemc500hats PRO 8y

    i'm sure i'm missing some folks & a few inaccuracies here & there, but here's my first take on the Social Graph Platform Wars.
  • davemc500hats PRO 8y

    intentionally missing from this are Yahoo, Microsoft, eBay, Amazon, & AOL... until they announce something.

    (and unintentionally missing are SixApart, Wordpress, & Plaxo -- sorry guys, will add you in next rev).
  • joseph77b 8y

    Oooh - Can Flixster be the ewoks? Watch out for ewoks - cute but deadly! :)
  • davemc500hats PRO 8y

    goddammit i hate the Ewoks...

    i hope George Lucas burns in hell for ruining Star Wars for the "adults".
  • vanessafox PRO 8y

    You're totally missing Mahalo ;)
  • anrahman 8y

    Interesting visualization...

    All these guys are doing is trying to make everyone a zombie and change the way you "poke" someone (a pointless feature to begin with). Most of these are just a sneaky way to add valuation and page views and engage pre-teens and those with fascinations at that level.

    Google is just using it to collect deeper demographic data on everyone at all levels so that they can optimize their ads (with this current/upcoming dip in the economy, all of these advertisers will have less dollars and will be going for whatever gives the most bang/buck).
  • davemc500hats PRO 8y

    @anrahman: wow what an upbeat & optimistic perspective.

    you club baby seals on the weekends, don't you ?
  • davemc500hats PRO 8y

    @vanessa: and too...
  • anrahman 8y

    haha - good one. When's your baby seal clubbing app coming out?

    I really am not trying to be a pessimist here and my true nature is anything but a downer - and I should add that I am a fan of your commentary. I just honestly have not thought this trend is 'that cool' - I just wish that more of these talented programmers would come up with better ways to engage the public and that top level bloggers would stop hyping some of these things.

    I see the value it brings to viral media - but I also don't like the exploitations that are inevitable ala beacons (in the more general sense) and news like this recent letter from a House member to Google is maybe going to reveal just exactly the real 'evil empires' are.
  • anrahman 8y

    I should add that I have developed a Facebook application in the past and see the value of these networks having these platforms too and more 'openness' - I just don't like most of what is ultra-popular so far.
  • davemc500hats PRO 8y

    you should come to our event tonight... see what our students have put together. it's not all just fun & games. some apps are making money; others have social purpose. there's obviously light-hearted stuff, but there is value being created too.

    Ten Million in Ten Weeks:
  • anrahman 8y

    Agreed - would have loved to attend. Unfortunately I'm based out of Cornell University and it's finals week here ;)

    Would love for you to come teach us something out here
  • rmatei 8y

    This is a nice overview Dave, but all the ovals are a bit overwhelming. Not that you'd wanna spend any more time on this, but it'd be clearer if you distinguished between networks, platforms, apps and other startups by using different shapes/colors for each.
  • davemc500hats PRO 8y

    yeah, i wasn't trying to be perfect on the sizes... in fact, was trying to hurry up & get it posted while all the news stories on Bebo were flying around. i spent about an hour to get it close to reality, but there are still quite a few inaccuracies / missing items. anyway, it's not exact but i think it's reasonably close.

    (re: networks vs platforms vs apps vs startups... yeah, maybe not real soon ;)
  • baquia74 8y

    Hi davemc500hats,
    you should include Cinemavip a social network for the entreteinment industry.
    Maybe you could complete your graph with a category for vertical social networks.
  • David Henderson PRO 8y

    And we wonder why real marketers have not embraced social media in a meaningful way? Yet...
  • Dragon_I 8y

    You should be a professor for encapsulating everything so succinctly ;) Just joking - great job Dave.
  • kenji mori 8y

    where is Ning?
  • davemc500hats PRO 8y

    yep, missed them too. my bad.

    (and i was just emailing with them... ima doofus)
  • davemc500hats PRO 7y

    here is more recent version:

    still quite inaccurate, and i don't profess to have everything covered... sorry.

    my work is comparable to my pay, if u know what i mean ;)
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