Wicked Moon
The right man for Arlene married someone else, the wrong man wants to marry her niece, and her best friend would rather talk like a man than trust one. Add to that a landlord who wants to terminate the lease on her nightclub, the charms of her handsome young music director, and the return of her long lost lover, and this romantic musical comedy about contemporary life's many challenges is complete! Wicked Moon is a perfect show for anyone whose heart has been hijacked by love and lived to tell about it.

This new musical was presented as a staged work-in-progress as part of 4th Wall's M.I.D. (Musicals In Development) Stage Series, allowing the audience an opportunity to see, hear, and respond to a new show while still in development. All three performances included talk-backs with the cast, director, and creators of the show.

March 10-12, 2011
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