Project: Simplify Boot Camp
What a gift this spring cleaning/clutter clearing boot camp has turned out to be! As I tackled each aspect of the boot camp, I realized that my perception of how much time and energy certain projects would take were dramatically longer (and therefore overwhelming) compared to how fast I actually knocked them out. In addition to the weekly hot spots, I knocked many nagging items off my to do list that seemed like easy add-ons to the task at hand. In the process, I gained a new found confidence and contentment in my ability to manage my home. So the clutter is clear and the house is clean. Through it all, I focused on my two mantras: “Less stress and more joy,” and “Use what you have to make what you need.” I feel like a got a whole house makeover even though I literally spent nothing – actually made money from the experience. More importantly, with less clutter and more organization, I have a lot less stress and a lot more joyful time spent with my kids. My to-do list is much shorter, and not at all intimidating anymore. And most importantly, I’m much closer to my personal goals of simplicity and self-reliance. Many, many thanks to the Better Life ( FB page for motivating me to do this project, because now my reality is starting to be much closer to my vision of how I want my life to be. Better Life!
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