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Drama Abandoned Land ... HDR

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All abandoned things gradually decay ... Mother Nature is so strong, powerful, stubborn and persistent that manages to absorb and recycle almost anything ... Even derelict, plain human constructions, that once provided warm hospitality to the dreams and hopes of a poor family ...


This is pretty much how things operate all those years at the area of North Greece where I permanently reside ... Poverty, unemployment and "hunger" become powerful forces that condemn the "decentralized way of dignified living" to gradual elimination and subsequent ... death ... Constructions abandoned, on lands that bear no value to their owners, lands that might eventually be bought at a ridiculously low price, by an owner that wouldn't really know what to do with it ...


And the population of my country is rampaged, for many years now, to the big cities living there a mediocre and rather poor life, far away from their homeland and the constant, immediate interface with Nature that it unsparingly provides ...


This shot starts as first to a sequence of about 10 captures devoted to abandonement that indisputably smites the country of Drama's prefecture ... Sights like the above one should diminish and eventually be eliminated ... I would personally prefer an image with three or four children to be playing at such a wonderful courtyard !!!!


EXIF: NIKON D90 with Nikon Nikkor 18 - 55 lens, manual mode, f 8 (needed a pin sharp focusing at a 1/3 distance of the frame's down border and a clear DOF), ISO 200, focal length 20 mm, auto exposure mode, fine weather adjusted white balance, center weighted average light metering mode, HDR made by only 1 original RAW shot with shutter speed 1/50 s, managing to accurately convey the scene's lighting conditions to the viewer, flash didn't go off, no tripod ...


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Taken on March 14, 2010