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door no, 1-no three-no, door five, no six, no, door number three, no monty hall, door three, no two, oh monty i love you, door no one, no three, no five, who gives a fuck, door five, oooooh i want the billion, door three, no five, no.............

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  1. andyscamera 53 months ago | reply

    The red door! The red one!

  2. marc falardeau 48 months ago | reply

    thanks to all,
    i can't believe this photo is still breathing!

  3. stryderphoto 48 months ago | reply

    Speaking of breathing... Charles is a p#ss, I'm still king of Canada right?

  4. cjc4454 48 months ago | reply

    maybe it's me, but I don't think Scott should be head of the Church of England...
    I'm just sayin'...

  5. marc falardeau 48 months ago | reply

    we like chuck here! lady diana was the nut bar.
    Actually Liz, the queen, is the head of the church of england.
    (her title is "Defender of the Faith" i've lost mine.)
    if chuckbaby, became queen, oops king, i doubt
    he could be head of the church. His second marriage
    was performed in the Church of Scotland, -
    (which means he didn't get as many wedding presents)
    poor chuck

  6. cjc4454 48 months ago | reply

    chuck is a jerk and deserves no wedding presents at all... i hope Elizabeth totally bypasses him and passes on the crown to William :)

  7. marc falardeau 48 months ago | reply

    King George would have had you beheaded for such heresy!
    --of course King George was crazy as a loon and Chuck's
    favorite descendant! (really)

  8. cjc4454 48 months ago | reply

    that explains a lot

  9. MPLUSMAG 44 months ago | reply

    THIS IS AMAZING!! We've featured it for an audiobook! Fully attributed. mplusmag.co.uk
    Keep up the beautiful work! xJ

  10. marc falardeau 44 months ago | reply

    had a peek at mplusmag,
    quite interesting, will be back

  11. ènfin (verna R) 43 months ago | reply


    VERY ~ NICE!!
    Your door is stupendous!!

    ~~ ~ TOP 20 DOORS ~ ~~.


  12. cellphonephotographer 38 months ago | reply

    could be an ad for doors

  13. marc falardeau 29 months ago | reply

    thank you Veilaluizstrade!
    (and all)
    this "snap" has taken a
    life of it's own.
    a simple walk,...
    sometimes is treasured!

  14. Valkyrie713 27 months ago | reply

    I'd love to use this photo for a blog on creative reuse... a bit confused about the licensing, though. The bar on the right says it's Creative Commons Attributable, but the image is locked due to having some rights reserved and licensing through Getty seems to be the only option available. Marc - can you clarify, please? Thanks!
    - Valerie

  15. marc falardeau 27 months ago | reply

    this (easy) shot has a life much more interesting
    than mine.
    i've changed the atttribution.....
    please use and look around.

  16. CiaoMayonga 19 months ago | reply

    Inspiration for Monsters INC Maybe ¿? ;) Love your pictures! Congratulations!!!

  17. webweisend media company 18 months ago | reply

    Thanks for sharing this photo via CreativeCommons! It was just perfect for our media company blog - blog.media-company.eu

  18. massimopaolini 2 weeks ago | reply

    Great image. I used it on our post - Doorway Page Penalty. The post will be published on March 17, 2015. (please read my profile for the link)

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