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Renault 4 | by oceanaris
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Renault 4

There is no logical reason for this photo except that it is a Renault 4, perhaps one of the ugliest and most underpowered products to ever come from France and I was once forced to drive one for a short time in my life. I was scarred deeply by the experience.


Most in Spain have, thankfully, been destroyed on the orders of the Guardia Civil in recent years.


They would confront the owners in their hard lacquered matador style hats, toting a sub-machine gun menacingly, and speak softy but insistently.


The next day, the offending vehicle would have been sold to gypsies or worse, to the Belgian truffle smugglers who were known for favoring the Renault 4 because of its ability to be abandoned with no awkward questions asked. Most people simply avoided the "Quatre", as it was known.


Another quality of the vehicle was its ability to be parked almost anywhere. Because it was such an eyesore and complete POS, even towing companies would allow the offending vehicle to sit for days, knowing that most likely, the owner hadn't the money to hock the thing anyway.


For short time in Paris in the mid-1980's a cult arose in the trendy set, who found that while they would never be allowed in the 5th Arrondisement, they could park with impunity nearby. This was quickly found out by the flics, who began a program of crushing them under like beer cans. Renault 4's were also used extensively in the barricades of the street protests of 1968, where they could be easily bent into barriers. They were declared an affront to the environment and to man and banned by the European Union in 1994.



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Taken on September 1, 2010