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Another image from the most fascinating town of "Hoi An" in Vietnam. What you see is the Japanese bridge, which is lit up like crazy at night and the calm river flowing through it gives an opportunity to catch the reflection in water. The water was so calm that day, it literally is like seeing the reflection in the mirror.


The town is predominantly yellow and we see that most of the buildings are yellow colored, therefore the strong yellow tone in this image. Hope you guys like it.


I've been a bit busy today so I haven't had the time to visit your stream but I'm going to catchup soon. Have a good weekend my dear friends



About Hoi An


Hội An is a city on the coast of the South China Sea in the South Central Coast of Vietnam. It is located in Quảng Nam province and is home to approximately 120,000 inhabitants.


The city possessed the largest harbour in Southeast Asia in the 1st century and was known as Lâm Ấp Phố (Champa City). Between the seventh and 10th centuries, the Cham (people of Champa) controlled the strategic spice trade and with this came tremendous wealth.[citation needed] The boats still used today in Hội An probably[citation needed] have the same hull shape as those used by the Champas for ocean voyages.


Source: Wikipedia

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Taken on January 16, 2011