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Gotta Get Those Peppers To Market! | by HaarFager (Pro)
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Gotta Get Those Peppers To Market!

When it gets to be harvesting season, Old State Route 141 can sure get busy. The driver of the stake bed truck is hauling his cargo to Ohio, where he can get a better price for his jalapeno peppers. The adults in the front seat of the station wagon just behind him hopes that he has his load secure in the back of his truck. If one of those suckers were to fall out onto the highway, traffic could be tied up for hours until the roadway was cleared. They only have the weekend for this trip and they don't want to waste any part of it tied up in traffic.


The empty car hauler in the other lane is heading toward Michigan to pick up another load of Detroit's finest. He doesn't know it, but the two small children in the back of the Oldsmobile station wagon are just about to try and get him to blow his horn by using that age-old hand gesture of pulling an air horn cord. Kids have been doing that ever since big trucks were invented. Every time he sees a kid do this, he blasts his horn. It's very loud and he likes to use it.


The 50-year-old guy in the Jag is suffering through a mid-life crisis. He glances over at the family in the station wagon going the other way and remembers that he has a wife and kid back home in Pennsylvania. Or rather, he had a family of his own. He quit his job, bought the classic Jaguar and decided he'd head to California on his own to start a new life there. His wife has probably found the note he left by now. Glen Campbell starts singing "By The Time I Get To Phoenix" on his radio so he frowns and changes it to a different station.


Last year, the price for peppers was below average. He hopes the market will be up this year. He flips his Merle Haggard cassette over to side two and continues biting his lower lip in anticipation.



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Taken on August 28, 2009