Protocol Droid's Landspeeder

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    For EB's "Character Rides Contest"

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    1. Henrik Hoexbroe 36 months ago | reply

      Wow, this is FANTASTIC! (This should be on TBB!)

    2. ZetoVince 36 months ago | reply

      hah that's a sad story...

    3. kost u grlu 36 months ago | reply

      Thanks ;) I'm glad you like it!

    4. kost u grlu 36 months ago | reply

      How do you mean a sad story? :D

    5. ZetoVince 36 months ago | reply

      i was responding to the previous comment from Henrik about being on TBB.
      the way they choose what to be posted is a sad story from my point of view.

    6. bikicsmilan 36 months ago | reply

      ^ tell me about it :-(

    7. Uspez 36 months ago | reply

      Hot, hotty, hotness! Looks like it could be the latest model or the first ever speeder.

    8. Happy Weasel 36 months ago | reply

      I bookmarked this to blog more than a week ago, and I've finally gotten it online.

      Now I see that there's some complaint about how we blog? I'm sorry if my slowness offends...

    9. kost u grlu 36 months ago | reply

      ^^Thank you Dan!

    10. Henrik Hoexbroe 36 months ago | reply

      Very happy to see this on TBB. Congratz kost u grlu, much deserved!!!

    11. MBB_bros 36 months ago | reply

      I must say that it goes great with our gold katrana dual wielded C3PO :D amazing build !

    12. <Antimatter> 36 months ago | reply

      So amazing...

    13. Sputnik Beanburger III 35 months ago | reply

      A most excellent vehicle.

    14. Veeborg 35 months ago | reply

      Well deserved to be blogged on TBB! Bravo again! You did it again! I wish I had your time! :))

    15. ZetoVince 35 months ago | reply

      because your comment refers to me if i'm not wrong, i have no complaints about TBB or you Dan!
      It is the most popular Lego blog and i check it on daily basis as well, but many times i get confused about the creations you guys choose or not choose to blog!
      Like in this case i was surprised that you hadn't blogged it until yesterday!

    16. Was Montypythonfreak 35 months ago | reply

      this is fucking awsome

    17. Happy Weasel 35 months ago | reply

      No worries. There are a lot of very busy people writing for TBB. I know that sometimes our choices can be inscrutable. Really, luck can play as much of a role as anything else. After all, one of us has to come across a creation, want to blog it, AND have time to blog it. It's a tough confluence these days.

    18. JonHall18 34 months ago | reply

      Great use of those gold pieces and that huge Buzz Lightyear helmet dome. Nice greebling too. Looks very retro, almost steampunky.

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