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Ice, moss, dogs, and slides | by Matt Straite Photography
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Ice, moss, dogs, and slides

Heading up to the mountains to shoot snow waterfalls, we elected to try Sahalie and Koosah Falls. While tricky to get to in the snow, we seemed to have picked a perfect day to try. The sun was shining off and on, the weather, while cold for sure, was dry.


I thought getting to Sahalie would be easy enough, its right off the road, Koosah needed a small hike to get to. I was not sure what condition the trail would be in. Actually, I expected that that there would be no trail, lost to the snow. I should have known better. Its not that the trail was crowded, it wasn't. But we certainly did not seem to be the first ones with this idea. There was a trail. Sort of. Looking past the overlook at Sahalie, down the trail to Koosah, I could see the trail, but it was not ground, it was hard packed snow. Ok, I can handle that. Getting closer though, it was more than hard packed snow, it was actually more like a bobsled run. The many feet before us and the snow/rain combo the night before created a trail that looked just like a bobsled run. I stopped and thought, well, there goes the shoot, I can't take a family and a dog down this...woooosh. Something went by me at about 100 miles an hour. It was screaming. What the...woooosh. Another one! Wait, that's my son! Woosh, now my wife went past me, the dog chasing her half running half sliding. "Come on Dad!" I hear from the innards of the dense forest. Laughing and screeches of joy now filling the canyon. Never mind the river and the expensive winter coats they were now sliding on. Fine. Wooosh.


The trail looked like it was designed for this. The trail descends on the way to Koosah Falls. The kids, who were grumbling in the car, now never wanted to leave. They had NO problems with me climbing down the ice covered hillsides to the river to shoot the falls. I could take all the time I wanted. The walk back to the car was 10 steps forward, one slide of laughter back. It was a long walk. But a very happy one.


I never did end up actually sliding, but my family spent way more time on their butts than on their feet. And the dog? Yes, he seemed to get-it because he too was sliding and barking. A bit of an odd sight, I must admit.


Oh yes, and I shot a waterfall, whatever. Take a look. Life is a journey- a tobogan like journey.

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Taken on February 17, 2019