if it can't be my design, tell me where do i draw the line

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So why do we keep up this charade
how do we tell apart the time to leave from the time to wait

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  1. f i Я a s ages ago | reply

    very interesting piece of work...

  2. fazze' ages ago | reply

    hehe nice one...........
    seen in
    um logo

  3. nazeee ages ago | reply

    This is what happens when kids get scissors... LOL
    Nicely done
    happy independence day.

  4. Shafiu Hussain ages ago | reply

    I am not much of a photographer, So I am not gonna talk about the blends, colors and so on.
    I will say something about the concept. It would have been better if you show the body fallen. Kinda odd, When you chop your own head off and still sitting.
    Hey but thats my 0.02$ :)
    nice concept.

    Oh and btw I am an Admin of Bunnies without heads. Pls add your photo to it. :DD

  5. iddv ages ago | reply

    good point u have here.. the colours r a bit dull for me. but i guess that wasn't what u were aiming for. nicely done :) .. poor teddy.

  6. blushing achiever [deleted] ages ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called ~*Flickr Pics That *WoW* Us*~, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  7. bulhaa ages ago | reply

    haha! cute!

  8. mt•MT•Mt ages ago | reply

    I like the title.

  9. Naina Iqbal ages ago | reply

    i like the concept! :D one could always trust you to come up with something original n interesting :D
    good job!

  10. AxOoo ages ago | reply

    ekm eoh loabi teddy ge karu buri kohlee dho..how cud u..

  11. ♥*YOYO(●ω●) L♥v3 ages ago | reply

    NIce concept!!
    ♥ ♥ ♥

  12. robinbenito ages ago | reply

    hehe =D nice nice

  13. Pedro Félix 119 months ago | reply

    Nice! very interesting.

  14. aloof cable [deleted] 118 months ago | reply

    Very Niice :D

  15. fatboydim 109 months ago | reply

    Hahahaha... thats funny. psychotic toys :o)

  16. Mamay Jane 102 months ago | reply

    haha! funny and cute ;) nice shot!

  17. Shamman™ 94 months ago | reply

    soooo cool, poor teddy. :-P. A+ for creativity.

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