• spectacles
  • day planner
  • goemon, my computer - Rakka
  • image scanner
  • antlers - Rakka
  • monkeys (plush)
  • dear little deer - Rakka
  • rakka's art
  • my leopard print chair that i recovered myself. - Rakka
  • bag o' library books - Rakka
  • jigen's face
  • lampy lamp - Rakka
  • jigen's brain is down here in the shadows
  • book bag
  • 1930's sears enamel topped table. in avacado. oh, la la! - Rakka
  • nerdy computer books
  • the "library" ---> - Rakka
  • bills Bills BILLS!
  • scooby, shaggy, velma
  • big ass tee vee - Rakka
  • goemon's thinking parts - Rakka
  • fred, daphne and han solo
  • mad libs book that i use for a mousepad. (i don't have an optical mouse like leff does.) - Rakka
  • one of my speakers - Rakka
  • paper, misc office supplies - Rakka
  • we can fix that if you want.
  • printer aka source of christmas cards
  • the cats eat down here - Rakka
  • Network switch, mainly for the purpose of simultaneous flickring.
  • maybe.
    it works ok now that i'm using the madlibs book so there's no hurry. - Rakka
  • wall, hehe ;D - dark wealth

computer lab

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So yes, we have two computers just so we can both flickr at the same time. Notice both screens are on flickr.

  1. deserted van [deleted] ages ago

    your place is real nice.

  2. flaky plastic [deleted] ages ago

    everything is so neat and tidy. i really like the glow of the room.

  3. groc ages ago

    they sit and type messages to each other - i bet they IM too.
    "want cooffee?"
    "yes, please"
    "pass me the sharpie"
    etc. etc.

  4. leff ages ago

    Thanks everyone, except groc who is just messing with me... but it's true.

  5. groc ages ago

    I was joking/teasing but it *is* true - and I'm a bit scared now...

  6. leff ages ago

    It's not that true...
    I actually don't ever use IM...

  7. groc ages ago

    it'll happen.
    and when the cats learn to type...

  8. leff ages ago

    fujiko is working on it...

  9. Rob~ ages ago

    Great groups you have this in. I never saw those before. Great room too.

    Mostly, though, great big number of notes. :)

  10. leff ages ago

    Hee hee. I have this theory that they upped the limit (from 20 to 100) on notes just for the desknotes group. And what's in your bag.

  11. sxates ages ago

    My wife and I IM each other from across the house. But I'm upstairs, she's down, so it's easier than yelling or walking :)

  12. leff ages ago

    I could see that. The up and down stairs thing.

  13. groc ages ago

    that's what Alexander Graham invented the telephone for - what were the first words? "Mr ---- come here I want you..." or something like that?

  14. leff ages ago

    And so where invented, simultaniously, the phone call and the booty call...

  15. sxates ages ago

    Yeah, we actually had a phone system that would let us intercom, but my wife didn't like using it for some reason... Don't as me :P

  16. leff ages ago

    We don't have stairs, so we don't have much of a problem there.

  17. Domenica ages ago

    Really nice work space!

  18. leff ages ago

    Thanks! Never seem to get any work done. But I think that's more flickr's fault than the workspace :)

  19. valuable silk [deleted] ages ago

    avacado -> avocado
    simultaniously -> simultaneously

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