teoh beng hock

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    1. mnkknl 111 months ago | reply

      Disaster to whole Malaysia with the tragedy end of this bright future youngster. Who to blame and responsible shall be decided after the investigation, and those who are involved in taking him should be put off duty until the report is publicise.
      However, totally lost confident with local goverment after the tragedy when it happened in goverment organisation building, which is suppose to be tight security. Dato Seri PM and Home Minister, what are your comments for this incident and should we put a timeframe for you to decide??

    2. BumbleBee1437 111 months ago | reply

      The government will probably ignore the allegations and let the news fade itself. This is what they do best. Or use their absolute power to shut the whole case down. Democracy my foot, gimme a break.

      Malaysia is turning into a scarier place day by day. Not only investors wouldn't come to invest but the unfair government are forcing more and more of the newer generation to seek life out of Malaysia and never come back. Way to go to lose talented people to make the country a better place. See what happen to this bright and idealistic young man? Forget about going back to our country and serve. I'd rather stay in a place with real democracy and deserve what I work for.

      Embarrassed Malaysian

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