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    You know how dogs look like their owners?

    Self portrait with, yup, my furry fave buddy Kenya.

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    1. jocandeias 108 months ago | reply

      The lighting here is a real killer, and I don't mean this in a good way. The photo is very funny, it's sharp, the composition is well balanced, with the "twins" ;) in the right position, but that window reflex in the background, completely distracting, and the fact that you can hardly see anything from the eyes of the twin with the hat up mess the photo completely.

      It's really a shame, because the subject would deserve a lot better. I just love how funny the idea is and how well placed the "twins" are....

      Oh well...

      After all was said, I score this image with a 6/10 in the CommentMe group.

    2. Leviathor 108 months ago | reply

      I would love to see this re-taken under better lighting, as it's quite a nice portrait. It shouldn't be considered a snapshot, because it is thought out and well-composed.

      Next time, under better lighting, of course (;, turn the hat backwards or take it off. The shadow cast on the face is really unfortunate--this is especially detrimental because the eyes are in shadow, which is a no-no. Next, don't look at the camera, look straight ahead, just like the puppy.

      Sharpness is there, with good detail in the tongue and facial features of both subjects. Great bokeh.

      Clone out that highlight above your head.

      The tonal range is pretty stratified--there are lots of blacks, some of which are losing detail, and some clipping highlights (see dog's white fur).

      I score this image 7/10 in the CommentMe group.

    3. patrick wilken 108 months ago | reply

      First, I find it sort of scary that you and Kenya have almost exactly the same color/shape tongue. Is that really true for dogs and humans?? Not something I had thought about. This is obviously an image with a lot of warmth. What doesn't work/could be improved:

      1. I think your expression is perhaps too self conscious. So looking straight ahead would be ok. However, I think the real problem is that your second eye is mostly obscured by your nose. It would be better to see both IMO, or perhaps only one.

      2. Obviously the harsh sunlight and the deep shadow are going to make it pretty tricky to get the exposure right. Getting rid of the hat (which I think is nice btw) would certainly help get rid of the shadow. However, you could also get out of the direct sun. This is also burning an unattractive blazing hole in the wall behind you. If you want to do this is sun find some way of obscuring the bright patch.

      3. A relatively minor detail: there is a spot of light growing out of your head. you should clone it out.

      4. Looking at the large version the focus seems a little soft on the fur. If you haven't already done so an unsharp mask in PS (if you have it) would be worth trying.

      I think this is an interesting idea, that just needs to be tweaked a bit. Please try it again and post the results.

      After all was said, I score this image with a 6.5/10 in the CommentMe group.

    4. FFEEDDEE  107 months ago | reply

      funny pic, the dog's tongue is longer...

      Score 7.5/10 (from the 1for10 group).

    5. kleena 107 months ago | reply

      ...but not as long as my tongue in summer watching bikini beauties. ;-)

      top is a bit dark.

      Score 7/10 (from the 1for10 group).

    6. yerffej9 107 months ago | reply

      Score 6.5/10 (from the 1for10 group).
      I would either lose the hat or poke a couple holes in it so it shines some light spots above your eyes to match the dog :-)

    7. Darío Traveso Quelle 107 months ago | reply

      Bonita foto
      Score 8/10 (from the 1for10 group).

    8. plompenmichiel 107 months ago | reply

      haha funny shot

      Score 6/10 (from the 1for10 group).

    9. Beddibuh 107 months ago | reply

      yes, funny shot. The dog really looks relaxed, you have to work a little bit harder to look the same relaxed way...;)

      Score 8.5/10 (from the 1for10 group).

    10. rgdaniel 107 months ago | reply

      Hilarious! Thank you for that!
      Bla, bla, lighting, composition, yadda yadda,
      but bottom line it's very effective.

      Score 9/10 (from the 1for10 group).

    11. Khin Win 107 months ago | reply

      Score 8.5/10 (from the 1for10 group).

    12. folkartblonde 104 months ago | reply

      You are my winner!
      Please add this photo to

    13. FOTOGRAFIA.Nelo.Esteves 101 months ago | reply

      Definite proof of that right here. Awesome!

      Thanks for sharing with The World Through My Eyes!

    14. valentino * 93 months ago | reply

      simpatica, quien tiene mas sed?

    15. roger shaide 91 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an art director for the Star Tribune Newspaper in Minneapolis, MN. I'm doing a sidebar on a Pet Look-Alike event at Doggie-Palooza in MInneapolis in September and would like your permission to use your photo. I'd be grateful. If so, please let me know what you'd like your photo credit to be. Thank you and I hope to hear from you.

      Roger Shaide
      art director
      Star Tribune
      1-(800)-829-8742 ext#7482

    16. foxtrotyankee 89 months ago | reply

      Hi, wonder if you'd like to submit this to a group called People who look like their dogs. Thanks!

    17. GramMoo 87 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Crazy Critters, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

    18. jsnail17 84 months ago | reply

      haha I love this! its adorable and clever!

    19. ☮Rick & Kathy☮ [deleted] 40 months ago | reply

      Please join and add this shot to the new Flickr Group:

      Pets and Their People

      Photos must include pets and people.
      Please comment on at least 1 photo per upload.

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