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  • A Zorblaxian 3y

    It makes more sense that the people that have large investments on the worst energy generators in the market, and 90% of climatologists (which aren't sciencists, just greenies with a white coat), knowing that the "green" technologies cannot compete with any other form of technology in a fair match, would aim for a "guilt-based" strategy and push policies based on irrational fear that will grant them a lot of government contracts without having to compete with the rest of the energy industry. Their politics will force upon us these "green technologies" regardless of being the worst and the most expensive, and the get-rich-quick people that invested on them will spend their cash on drugs and promote socialism in more soon-to-be-broke countries.

    The proof that "climate change" is a scam, it's that all the suggested solutions I've heard from politicians aren't about contaminating less, but about moving large sums of money to broken countries with corrupt governments, which would make very hard to trace where the money goes. The other proof is that climate science lacks falsifiability, still has fail to provide even one single accurate prediction in ten years, "global warming" has been disproved, and some of these "sciencists" have started to confess they were exaggerating their position. Since that, a lot of sciencists have reverted their position and no longer believe in global warming. Environmental groups have switched to "climate change", which is a term that doesn't mean anything because the climate is always changing.

    "Green" technologies aren't ecological, their fabrication is highly contaminant. The only technology that doesn't create pollution is nuclear energy, so if we really had to save the world from climate change, we would have to use more nuclear energy. However, nuclear energy companies are competitors, not pals, so greenies and environmental groups spread FUD about it, too, and try to convice us to abandon it.

    What is truly ironic, is that democrats in USA are in the same political wing than the dictators and criminals that control the Oil Market in the rest of the world (Argentina, Venezuela, Spain, Russia). So if you have motives to distrust the big oil companies, you have motives to distrust the democrats. Actually, I don't know how you can be on the same side than Al Gore, that at the same time that talks about the dangers of global warming, travels on a plane that contaminates more than several countries.
  • naasirka 3y

    A Zorblaxian
    Ok, A Zorblaxian, so basically just replace the last pic with "So they can get government grants to be able to compete with the oil companies" and... it still doesn't make sense, because they don't have the money in the first place to do it. And if profit really is their only motive, then why not just move to a different, more profitable sector, rather than fighting an uphill battle like this? It's a bad business plan. So much FUD.
  • Ryan Russon 3y

    Hey A Zorblaxian, care to put $10,000 on you being right and the world's scientists being wrong? If there was actual money on it, would you be so sure of your reality-challenged opinion? Meet me over at longbets --that is, unless you're just another dimwitted moron madly in love with Sean Hannity, repeating crap you don't even understand. And... That's how you shut up a know-nothing blowhard.
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Uploaded on February 29, 2012
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