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Electronic bidet/toilet bidet/toilet seat | by wellmaxchina
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Electronic bidet/toilet bidet/toilet seat

1 posterior

Posterior wash—that means to wash arse,after people defecate stool. With this function, people will no need paper, just need water to wash.

2 Catharsis

The water can spray into people’s rectum, when the water reaches dry feces, it can soften the feces, it can help people to remove the residual waste and clean the rectum.

3.female wash

Wash with nine holes, the water is very soft to take good care for women.

4. strong pump

With strong pump inside, it can generate mult-band rippled water and can effectively promote the blood circulation and make washing more comfortable.

It can also to ensure the water yield, it can not be influenceed by the outsude water presure, you can also to adjust washing water pressure with a pump inside.

5. Massage

When you use posterior, catharsis, enema, female and male wash, you can use massage function at the same time.

6. Reciprocation

When you use female wash and posterior wash, you can also open reciprocation function, the nozzle will move to-and-fro to enlarge wash scope.

7. water tempreture adjustable

Water temp can be adjustable for 4 states

8. power saving

9. soft closing

10. warm toilet-seat

Temp for the seat can be adjustable for four levels

11. nozzle self cleaning

The nozzl can be self-cleaning after and before being used.

12. Motor drive

The ingress and egress of the nozzle is drived by the servo motor, the accuracy and stability of the control are more better than the traditional spring.

13. CPU control

The whole machine is controled by the cpu, it is accurate and stable.

14. one click separate

Only need to press one button, you can easily remove the bidet form the toilet.

15. Warm-air Dry

After you washing you can use dry function.

16. Automatic Deodorization

17. vo level antiflaming

The material of the bidet is antiflaming, it can not burn, so it can avoid the fire disaster. The class of the antiflaming level is v-0, it means that it can not burn at all.

18. IP67 level waterproof buttons

The buttons on the control panel and remote control is waterproof. Ip67 is the class of waterproof. 6 means it can avoid the dust entering into the button, 7 means the botton can be inundater into water in 1m deep for short time.

19. sensor

There is a sensor in left side of the seat, only when you sitting on the seat can you use the functions on control panel or reomte control. It can avoid the splash of the water if you touch the button when you do not sit on it.

20. night lighting induction

Our wn-990c, 980c have this function, when the room light is dark, the night light will be open automaticllt.

21. remote control


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Taken on April 13, 2011