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Not Good.

I had to choose.

Turn around and go back , ( negating all progress for the day ) or press on.

I decided to keep going. I can always turn around from a place even further away, right?

Well, the snow was sticking. And accumulating.

I rode slower.

And slower.

Turned on my flashers. Didn't want to keep looking in my mirrors for trucks. ( Not that there were any, the road is deserted )

Now it's terribly slippery.

I pulled to the side of the road to make a rational decision without reducing my riding concentration.

There's an inch on the ground.

I've been going 25 mph or so.

Curious to have a mental debate like this:


"Of course you're going to drop the bike in this weather.

Not if I scooch way forward and weight the front wheel. Let the back slither all it wants, I can save it.

Doesn't matter a whit whether you turn around or not, you're going to fall.

What's the fastest speed I can drop the bike, and not hurt myself?

Wow, It's so slippery, will I even be able to pick the thing up? "


I have no idea if I'm about to ride out of this snow.

I've no idea how far it's snowing behind me.

A truck appeared, the first vehicle I've seen in a long while,and the driver stopped to see if I was alright.

I laughed, said I was fine, and I don't know what there is you could do for me. I've kind of painted myself into a corner here.

I just got back on.

It's the mountains. I just might crest into clear skies!

I'm laughing at myself.

It's really snowing hard!

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Taken on April 21, 2009