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650b Tire mounting station

This photo appeared in the Tire Shaving article I wrote for Bicycle Quarterly Summer 2011.


It is important to have the tires seat properly so they run straight and true when you spin them.

Trying to do this on a work bench, or on the floor is difficult and at times frustrating.


I use a new Rubbermaid trash can as my mounting station. It is a good working height and the material doesn't mar the spokes or the rim.


There are several new rims that promise easier seating of the bead which should result in truer running tires. The Velocity A23 is available now, and the Pacenti rim will be here soon!

Applying a light spray of soapy water and working it in with an acid brush is very easy.


After a light inflation I lay the wheel back down on the can and manipulate the bead in place as needed.

After a full inflation the wheel is spun to check that the tire is running true. With some rims it might take a time or two to get it right, dropping the pressure, manipulate, then re-inflate and check.


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Taken on May 24, 2012