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    Heron. There...no, wait, the heron were earlier.

    Geese. I'm pretty sure it was geese. They were bigger than ducks, definitely.

    Birds, big ol' birds that came and landed in the river behind us while we were shooting, just sailed right in, a good three dozen of 'em, just took our breath away, man.

    Rachel turned to look, she saw my expression and turned to see what caused it, and there was this entire flock on final approach. She turned back and giggled at the look of awe on my face.

    Yeah, sure, we were talking and shooting and Rachel was doing a great job and I was having a blast, first shoot, new face in front of the lens, getting to ask all the Getting To Know You questions, and she's an easygoing lady, asked as many as she was asked, lots of laughs and walking barefoot in a river that should not be walked in barefoot, and there was that group of three people a little ways away who were also taking photos, I could see a reflector and a camera and they sure were dressed up.

    Light was just right the whole time.


    But those birds, man. Yeah, I've seen weird, and I've seen lovely, but those birds...didn't turn my camera towards them, just soaked it up. Fan-fucking-tastic.

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    1. Giabicone Fotografia [deleted] 30 months ago | reply

      Lovely composition in this portrait, the light on her left, and the beautiful face she have. A Love

    2. Caucas' 30 months ago | reply


    3. david.bank (www.david-bank.com) 30 months ago | reply

      Really nice portrait. Love her expression and the wide aperture.

    4. sewnwithcare 30 months ago | reply

      oh man, Lou. this is GREAT!

    5. achuka 30 months ago | reply

      love what's happening with the hair

    6. lizardking_cda 30 months ago | reply

      Her expression and the light in her hair are amazing.

    7. gfauredumont 30 months ago | reply

      love this light...

    8. OloQueOstiaSea 30 months ago | reply

      Amazing light! congrats!

    9. designfuzi 30 months ago | reply

      this is very cool

    10. ThePharmakon 30 months ago | reply

      As always Lou, it is that intimacy you are able to capture that just makes your photos so stunning.

    11. Andreas Climent | Flickrista.com 30 months ago | reply

      Nice portrait!

      This photo will be featured on Flickrista in the coming weeks.

    12. judy-chen 30 months ago | reply

      lovely light and eyes.

    13. johnwmacdonald 30 months ago | reply

      Always a pleasure to view your work again and again.

    14. Lou O' Bedlam 29 months ago | reply


      right on.


      why thank you.

      thanks, it really came together, that day.

      thank you, really can't go wrong with light like that.

      (takes a bow)


      yeah, I always shoot as wide as I can.

      aw, thanks, June!

      you and me both!


      phttps://www.flickr.com/photos/gfauredumont/] me too!


      why thank you.

      much appreciated, Jeff.


      I concur.

      hey, thanks!

      that's exactly what I thought.

    15. i didn't mean to go to Stoke 29 months ago | reply

      You are the real deal, I feel this

    16. Beauty Queen S [deleted] 28 months ago | reply

      Perfect timing shot. Lovely model

    17. Rdoke 16 months ago | reply


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