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This was to be the cover.


We got it just right, arrived just as the sun was ending its workday, the light was damn near perfect for far too long, got drunk on it, bounced all through the abandoned dairy farm, through the barn, over and around random pools of water, into and out of the field. There was even time to chat up a group that showed up out of nowhere, just a bunch of folks looking to spend a few minutes checking out the graffiti and ruin.


Had a whole crew with me, too. My dad was the other model, my main co-conspirator Ian Broyles shot while I shot, one of the few people I don't at all mind snapping away at the same time I do. Man's got a style all his own, leaves more talent in the bathroom than most folks have in their whole bodies. Had Mike off on his own, most of the time, doing a bit of video.


Video. I think it's a fad, but who knows.


Good crew, good energy, good light. Only thing would've made it better was if chocolate wrapped in diamond packaging started falling from the sky.


Or...actually, that'd be damned deadly. Scratch that. Just money. Money from the sky. Yeah, that'll do.

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Taken on November 6, 2011