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I Can't Stop Looking at Katie, Here

It only made sense to bring a beautiful girl to a beautiful park.


Or rather, to keep bringing beautiful girls to a beautiful park.


I think I went to that place three times in a week, each with a different person.


Naturally, Katie fit right in. It's one of the reasons I enjoy photographing her so, her ease in front of the camera, her willingness to be a bit uncomfortable for the sake of a good shot.


But even Katie has a limit, and I can usually tell it, not because she says anything, but because her demeanor shifts subtly, a bit of stiffness creeps in. She's too nice to just blurt out "I'm freezing!!!! Don't let me die out here!!! Let me put a scarf on!!!" So she sends out gentle waves of unease that let me know it's time to move on.


Which we do. But first, one. more. shot!!!!


This particular photo, I didn't even know how perfect her profile was until seeing this shot. It''s kind of unsettling how hot she is here.


To balance things out, a shot of Katie experiencing a mild case of Model Madness, up on the blog:

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Taken on January 27, 2009