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Meeting People is Awesome

Okay, seriously this time. Happy Friday.


Still early here, brain's running a bit slow today, so I'll just say thanks to everyone for looking at my site. Being on Flickr is fucking sweet. This shot of Linn Heidi reminds me of one of my favorite aspects of this place, the fact that you can meet people from all over the world (Linn Heidi is from Norway, by the by), make new friends, hell, I've seen people here meet and fall in love. I've had a chance to finally talk to and hang out with fellow photographers, as well as meeting photographers whose work I love and respect. Most likely I wouldn't be the photographer I am today without the support and friendship I've found here.


So, yeah. That's it. I think my brain would need another hour or two to get hilarious, so this is it. Maybe I need to stop eating brownie sundaes before bed.


Have a good weekend. Go take some pictures, why don't ya?


Polaroid of Linn Heidi smiling at my blog: blog.louobedlam.com/post/47905621/oh-how-i-wish-id-had-mo...


Oh, and just in case you want something else to do, here's me getting political: www.backalleytabernacle.com

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Taken on July 26, 2008