2016 Mexico Trip
Finally was able to take a ride into Mexico. Richard Gibbens of TX ADV organized the ride which started in McAllen and ended up in Jalpan in the Mexican State of Queretaro.

Day 1 I rode with Pete Shaddock and his son Sid from McAllen to the beautiful mountain town of Galeana in the state of Nuevo Leon which is just East of the town my grandmother is from, Linares. The road to Galena has to be the best curvy road I've ever ridden - amazing. After lunch in Galeana we headed to Tula in Tamalipas and met up with the larger group.

Day2 Pete, Sid, and I headed out on West from Tula on the amazing Hwy 16 and then South on our way to Jalpan. We stopped for lunch at a scenic and peaceful riverside town of El Naranjo in San Luis Potosi.

Day 3 I hooked up with Bob, Nick and Hugo as Bob led us on a tour of all 5 of the Franciscan Missions of the Sierra Gorda founded by Junipero Serra, a Spanish priest who went on to establish the first missions in California including San Diego and San Francisco. The last church we went to in Conca had us riding through 113 degree heat - it was a long day but we toured all 5 of the missions spread throughout the state of Queretaro.

Day 4 called for some swimming so Bob, Mark and I headed to Los Pozas outside of Xilitla in San Luis Potosi. This surrealist sculpture garden and swimming area is like something from another planet. It was created by a wealthy eccentric English artist named Edward James starting in the late 1940's and continuing until the 1980's.

For the rest of the trip I decided to break out on my own and headed to the mountain village of Real de Catorce, an old silver mining town at 9,000 ft in San Luis Potosi. One of my all time favorite movies, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, had scenes filmed here.

After spending two nights here it was time to make it back to Texas. I plan on this being the first of many trips to Mexico.
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