Pet Peeve

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    My one PET peeve. Toilet paper that won’t tear evenly.

    What’s yours?

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    1. anyjazz65 105 months ago | reply

      Thanks bippy

      and north9nj ... eeew!

      Those freeway jerks are the same ones who stand and chat in the doorways when everyone else is trying to get in or out of church or the theater. Say, come to think of it, I wrote a poem about that many years ago.
      The Day After Thanksgiving

      Down at the mall the crowd is not merry.
      Envision them rude, stark wild and wary,
      Cuffing and scuffing,
      Teeming and screaming,
      Just froth on the ale of mankind.
      Shoulder to shoulder, behind to behind,
      Pausing in entries for extended chatter,
      About foolish things that don’t really matter,
      To family and neighbors they see every day,
      And adroitly block traffic going each way.
      Yes, thoughtless doorway blockers are a peeve of mine too. But my PET peeve is still the toilet paper thing.

      Yes, those film credits have gotten all out of hand. Why credit the driver who carried the B-list co-star to the sound stage, on Tuesdays? Why credit the caterer? And now those animated films have absolutely ENDLESS credits for people who sketched, inked, painted in each character and each background of each frame. Why don’t they just run a state census list? I truly don’t care who ran the copy machine, swept up the confetti after scene 114 and who groomed the dog!

      Remember when the film credits ran at the FIRST of the movie? They could usually get it out of the way during the first scene of the movie AND get the plot started at the same time.

      For me, a real music freak, the music credit is often important information. I hear a snip of a song during the movie that I can’t identify and I wait for the credit roll to fill the gap. Do you know where the music credits are? They are ALWAYS last!

      In recent years I have taken to looking it up on line later, if I can remember it when I get home after fighting to get out of the theater.

      I just had a thought: Maybe the corporations who run our theater-arts think you will go buy another twelve-buck box of popcorn to carry you through the credit roll. Do you think so?

    2. phoebeofthesea 105 months ago | reply

      I agree aboutthe music credits - something you really WANT to know, and it's at the end. Also - I like credits afterwards that show a pic of the actor in the role and give his/her name -- sometimes I cannot catch the character name and must look things up on-line later.

      My 'pet peeve' -- geesh - that's a tough question -- I can overcome toilet paper no matter how it's hung and overlook unsanitary conditions long enough to leave without puking - so those aren't among my peeves. Maybe hypocrites - the sinners Dante and I both hate the most. But that's too major to be just a 'peeve'.

      I know: when you are first in line at the red light -- and the people turning left on their green to go into the lane next to you (i.e. going the other way on the street you are on) cut the corner so close you almost instinctively want to back up your car to keep from getting hit. Why can't they make a wider turn? How much time does it save to shave the corner of your front bumber that closely? It's like they think you are in THEIR lane.

    3. anyjazz65 105 months ago | reply

      Ah. Rude, empty-headed, law-breaking drivers. What a subject! Maybe it ought to be a whole separate category of peeves. I agree, there are too many drivers who think they are the ONLY one out there.

      My SIL Jeff, editor of a small town newspaper, wrote a very nice article on that very subject just yesterday. When it appears on line I will include a link here.

    4. anyjazz65 105 months ago | reply

      And ANOTHER thing. The really bad thing about hypocrites is that they don’t know who they are!

    5. tastevick [deleted] 105 months ago | reply

      You must be a folder and not a buncher. Otherwise...

    6. anyjazz65 105 months ago | reply

      Hm. Good point.

    7. ed ed 105 months ago | reply

      speaking of hygiene, i know it's important and all, but i peeve about the exploiters of hygiene-mania, who sell all kind of products to kill 99.9% everything bacterial. it's the 0.1 of remaining germs that kill you anyway. and people were much less hygiene conscious when i was a lad, but i doubt that food related nastiness happened much more. i think a certain amount of dirt can toughen you up...
      ..and if people really knew what goes on in kitchens we should all have expired years ago.

    8. anyjazz65 105 months ago | reply

      Isn't that the truth!

      Yes, killing 99.9% of all germs is really not very important. We eat many germs everyday and out bodies cope and sometimes use them. One germ can be many in a very short time.

      The Virus is a bit different however. Hard to kill, easy to get. I don't think science has quite caught up with most of them.

      What doesn't kill us makes us tougher, eh? Gosh I hope so.

    9. Doug NC 105 months ago | reply

      I went through the handwashing discussion some time ago with the picture below. Funny you people mentioned it while i was passing through....

    10. anyjazz65 105 months ago | reply

      Thanks dougalug. I think I know what your pet peeve is.

    11. anyjazz65 104 months ago | reply

      Here is a link to a fine discussion on some pet peeves.

      Enjoy this one!

    12. child of the 50s 101 months ago | reply

      I'm arriving kinda late, but install that same defective roll of toilet paper so it deploys underhanded rather than as shown, and you've got my pet peeve.

    13. anyjazz65 101 months ago | reply

      Never too late!

      I know that one too! We have two bathrooms at our house. In mine, the paper feeds over the top. In the other, well, you know.

      As a matter of trivia, I understand that this was (one of) Artie Shaw's pet peeves too! He apparently had many.

    14. child of the 50s 101 months ago | reply

      Wow, we may be musically-inclined!

    15. anyjazz65 101 months ago | reply

      We may at that! I can only think of a couple groaners for that one.

      Oh well. Here they are anyway.

      I came from a musical family. My dad played the victrola while I played on the linoleum.

      Victrola? Linoleum? Guess that dates me for sure!

    16. child of the 50s 101 months ago | reply

      Sure does! We must chat by Morse Code someday !

    17. anyjazz65 101 months ago | reply

      In Pig Latin!

    18. blairpb 95 months ago | reply

      ohh can we not extend this one to niggles too?

    19. anyjazz65 95 months ago | reply

      Be my guest!

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