The doorbell doesn't work. You'll have to knock.

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    “If you’re ever out my way, stop by,” he said, knowing it was an empty invitation.

    “I’ll sure do that,” she said, not meaning it at all.

    But he waited. The days and nights closed in on him until his last breath slipped out between the moon and the howl of a coyote. “Life is too short,” he thought, as transparency overtook him. “Life is too…”

    She remembered him between ticks of the tall clock in the hall. And then she forgot.

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    1. anyjazz65 86 months ago | reply

      Thanks. It was. Even in the light of mid day.

    2. elhawk 86 months ago | reply

      I'd be afraid of knocking in case the house fell down :)

      Caption is great too.

    3. anyjazz65 86 months ago | reply

      Thanks elhawk. You have a good point there. I didn't get too near it. Actually I was hesitant about walking through that tall grass.

    4. del's1 86 months ago | reply

      witty as always,erudite as always..nice picture,,,cheeers del

    5. anyjazz65 85 months ago | reply

      Thanks del. Glad you like it.

    6. Cryptia. [deleted] 85 months ago | reply

      This is really great!

    7. anyjazz65 85 months ago | reply

      astenduhr and Cryptia: Thanks very much!

    8. Tadi ;) is back 85 months ago | reply

      Wonderful photo (and kinda dreamhouse!)

    9. hereinmyhead [deleted] 85 months ago | reply

      it'd be more scary in b&w i think

    10. anyjazz65 85 months ago | reply

      Thanks Tadi and hereinmyhead.

      I did try it in greyscale and nearly opted for it. I am not sure why I left it like this. There was more contrast in the different colors of the roof shingles in the color version I think. And the rust.

    11. stevechasmar [deleted] 85 months ago | reply

      Spooky yet strangely inviting. Something tells me the ghosts here are an amiable bunch.

    12. anyjazz65 85 months ago | reply

      And lazy perhaps. Thanks stevechasmar

    13. remember moments 85 months ago | reply

      Excellent shot and composition. Stunning !

    14. soozika 85 months ago | reply

      Aaah - crisp and sunny dereliction! This photo has something strangely (if not weirdly) satisfying.

    15. anyjazz65 85 months ago | reply

      Thanks remember moments. I am glad you liked it. This was one of those moments when you spot it from the car and drive around the block and sure enough, it was still there waiting. Can this only happen in a small, very small town? Find it on googlemap.

      Thanks soozika. It does have a strange effect on me too. As I stood there in the mid day sun looking at this it gave me the creeps. I am not sure I would not go there at night. I did a bit of post work, sharpening it for this presentation hoping I would just make it look baked or lonely. But even in daylight, it's creepy.

    16. Eva & Clement 85 months ago | reply

      Love this and your story as usual. You should become a novelist and we can get more of these !

    17. anyjazz65 85 months ago | reply

      Thanks Eva & Clement. My wife has convinced me to collect them together for a book.

    18. bah'Be 85 months ago | reply

      so beautiful!

    19. anyjazz65 85 months ago | reply

      Thanks kellaluna

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