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Many years later sisters Neiffel and Helvetica Typehigh would think of this moment as a pivotal point in their lives. Things would never be the same.


Neiffel, here shown on the left, realized she would never be able to develop the leg muscles that sister Helvetica had so she gave up ballet and ran away from home. She eventually became a roadie for Simian Softoot and her all girl accordian band. Neiffel was in charge of sweeping the bandstand before and after the performance. She was able to put away a substantial portion of her monthly salary and retired at the early age of 37 years, three months. She now lives in seclusion on an island at the south end of Marlow Lake. Well, it’s an island when the water is up.


Helvetica realized too that she would never become the ballet diva that she had envisioned since early childhood. Apart from the obvious allergy to mascara and eye shadow, she could never find a tutu that fit properly.


She eventually married the photographer who wishes to remain Nameless. (Because that’s his name.) The couple settled on Frank Zappa’s dental floss ranch in Polka Dot Valley and raised two fine children, Holly and Neville and a dog they called Rax. The dog’s real name was Tsiannpokrumadioutly but no one knew how to pronounce it.


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Taken on October 26, 2007