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The other day, every time I went outside I kept hearing a distant meowing. I kept looking towards my neighbor's house, where it seemed to be coming from, but never saw anything. It troubled me, because the meows were definitely meows of distress. Late in the afternoon, I could finally take no more and went off in search of the pitiful sounds.


As I zeroed in on where the meows were coming from, and started calling, kitty, kitty, it became obvious that the sounds were coming from somewhere high...the trees! That's when I spotted this cutie on a branch that was about 20' in the air. When she heard my calling, her meows grew steadily louder and more shrill. Since my neighbors were out of town, who knows how long she'd been up there. It was such a large tree, it was hard to imagine such a small kitty climbing that high!


Well, I grabbed my 16' extension ladder and could barely reach her by standing on the topmost rung and hugging the tree. I'll admit that being in that position made me a bit nervous about grabbing a strange kitty (who I had no idea how it would react!) out of a tree! When I got hold of her scruff of the neck, the claws came out, but I managed to get me and her safely back to Earth.


Once safely on the ground, she became my best buddy, and stuck to my every step...I could barely walk back to my house without stepping on her. After we fed her, she made herself quite at home, and I proceeded to fall in love with this svelte and loveable kitty. That is, until the next morning when I found her even higher up in one of our trees! She was too high for rescue this time. After a few hours, she finally moved low enough in the tree for Becky to coax her down one of the drooping lower branches. Geeze, I thought, this is going to get old fast...


Finally, after a couple of days, the neighbors returned home. When I carried my new friend over, I found that she was, indeed, their newest kitty, and they were delighted to have her back! Mission accomplished, right?


I haven't seen her since. The only problem is that I miss her already....

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Taken on July 8, 2012